Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ben Smith and Phil Rogers, the two Adelaide-dwellers that make up FlowerPot, have been musical since childhood, and it's easy to tell when you hear their music. Throughout their rich, murky techno landscapes are little patches of vibrant melodic and harmonic energy, ducking in and out and spilling something human over an alien, mechanical backdrop. It's quite rewarding stuff, and if you've ever resonated with labels like Kompakt, BPitch Control, or Poker Flat, then FlowerPot will make a lot of sense.

Here are some pleasantly self-effacing words from Phil -

Joe asked me to write some sort of insightful thoughts about music/scene for his blog...

I'm thinking about shameless promotion for local producers... How bout that! Everyone needs more Adelaide music in their lives!

Here is 5 local lad’s that make great tunes.

1. Tace - Simon has been making music for years, playing live sets at club parties and has had vinyl releases. I've only heard his tracks recently but they have blown me away. He had great production skills, and writes diverse music, ranging for stomping industrial techno to melodic almost french style house. Great listen!

2. Jayde - Jayde has oodles of talent. A slick ear for tasteful music. His productions, his art (check the profile pic: which was one part of his artwork in the mens room at Cuckoo) and his Dj'ing all have a "no bull" feel. His most recent tracks have had a real "detroit" sound, plenty of space, great sound design. The tracks that he has on the myspace are a little old but they still got it!

3. Sidearms - I don't know a lot about "Sidearms" but i kind of like it that way. When you start to flick through all the tracks available for listening you realise that he has been around for a while. Adelaide has a rich history in Techno, House, Electro (if you don't know the original meaning of Electro, wiki that shit!), there are many producers from the earlier days of Adelaide’s electronic music scene that are still making music today but much of it doesn’t see the light of day. It’s encouraging to hear how relevant the music sidearms makes is at the moment, it's tasteful, melodic, using real analog synths and drum machines.

4. Martin - Some people may say I’m biased towards some of these lads, and I am. I’ve Dj’ed with Martin and made music with him for a few years now. He has immense knowledge of electronic music, and knows what a track needs to make it work. The tracks on his myspace vary from preaching deep house (check, Greenpower) to great peaktime tracks with a true techno feel (transparent city), right back to break beat “space hop-ish” downtempo tracks (loopercise). It’s easy to tell there are plenty of influences in his production.

5. Glenn October - Although not IN Adelaide, he is very close to us, residing in Mildura. I don’t know what it is about that place but he has some great inspiration. His tracks are always unique, sometimes dark minimal excursions, such great vibe. Always a great treat listening to his new work.

Wouldn't it be great to have some (if not all) of these producers on a various artists release........
That would be sweet

Phil Rogers

You can check out FlowerPot's productions on their soundcloud page or myspace. Distractions and their remix of Marek Bois' Memento Moments are my favourites.