Thursday, March 11, 2010

DJ Mixes, and Traum Records

I've been meaning to make a fresh mix for the last couple of months, but been held back thinking of the enormous gap between supply and demand when it comes to demo mixes. So instead of contributing to it, I've deliberately taken a break to digest other DJs' work - Resident Advisor sets, live recordings from rapidshare, and a load of mixes by local people. There's some exciting music for the discovering if you're willing to hunt for it, and resign yourself to downloading some very deletable beatport-progressive trainwrecks in the process. If you're too busy for that, I endorse the following:

James Holden Live at Five Days Off - Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos

Ben Watt on John Digweed's Transitions Show

Daydreaming with The Long Lost

Now that I've done my tiny bit towards adjusting the supply-demand balance, I've started working on a new mix. It's going to be quite a stripped-back one, with plenty of editing, original synth clips, and layering, as well as a strong German influence. A big part of this German influence is Traum Records, an excellent Cologne-based label pushing rich, warm, atmospheric techno. They've released forward-thinking music by Dominik Eulberg, Ricardo Tobar, Max Cooper, Extrawelt, and Moonbeam. Here are some personal favourites:

Max Cooper - Dischordance

Extrawelt - Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese

Max Cooper - Automnemonic