Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another blog specialising in deep house and techno, disco, indie, art, philosophy, and the twenty-foot reticulated shetland pony? But why? Has this niche not been adequately addressed for many years? A little bit - and here I heartily endorse - but there's a pretty endless source of good music, and only a slighly less endless supply of interesting ideas. Exciting artists - spotty teenaged moog afficionados pushing electronic music to places it wouldn't otherwise have been for another decade, and haggard disco wizards with their three million rare disco gems from before I was born - slip through the spidery fingers of Old Father Internet, and it would take more than a few fresh blogs to undo this great evil. (Note the subtle shift of focus away from philosophy and squarely onto music - I think this will be more of a music blog). To undo the great evil, I'm going to be putting up snippets from the artists I discover in my weekly quest for something that actually affects me, and snippets from old ones if they're really special. I'm also hoping to host some work by locals, so hit me up with tracks, mixes, philosophical musings, poems, whatever, and they might end up on here. The only criterion is that you have to be a bit obscure, possibly 26 and still living in your mum's house so you could pay off all those synths and sequencers. I won't tolerate anyone who's actually making it.
Farewell! I'm looking forward to this.


  1. Consider yourself fed. Or RSSed -- which is probably pronounced "arsed". ;)

  2. I do believe that most of the best music in the world has come from peoples bedrooms, the smaller the "studio/contol room" the better....

    NB i do not believe anything that i type, so you should not either...